Guaranteed World Class Professional Sound Every Time!!!!!!!!

Currently Booking for 2014 and 2015

R.S.M. Sound is a proud member of the Pennsylvania Better Business Bureau

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No information gained by e-mail or our contact form will be shared or used by
any person or company outside of R.S.M. Productions
R.S.M. pro sound and lighting. We are a professional company with very competitive pricing.  I
guarantee personally that nobody within my class of production can compare to the quality of
sound reinforcement we deliver.

Professional Engineers available for touring bands or national fly in dates. Back-line and drums
can be provided if needed.
R.S.M. Pro Sound and Lighting
R.S.M. Established in 1996

As a professional sound company we have shared the stage with many respected and
admired members of the music community. We pride ourselves on giving the best
possible quality product for a price that is affordable to National Touring Bands as well as
high end Regional Acts. It is a known fact that the production of your event can make you
appear that you are a professional band or complete amateurs.
You can rest assure that R.S.M. Pro Sound and Lighting will make any event, no matter
how big or how small be the best it can possibly be form whatever price range you have to
work with. No show is too small for professional production.

Mobile Sound is not the only thing we do.
Here at R.S.M. we specialize is permanent installations in Schools, Churches, concert
Halls, Event Centers, Bars, Clubs, Outdoor Venues, or even your back yard if you have
the cash. Our father company
Meyer Communications can provide you with all you
Networking, Computer, Recording, Cabling, or even Telecommunication needs for any
install in any type of business or installation.

Proudly Providing Production for the Nations Best